MultiQuad is the last exhibit you’ll ever have to buy.
It consists of interchangeable frames and Quads™ providing the freedom to change configurations and finishes in seconds. Sizes from 10’ x 10’ to 100’ x 100’.

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Because of the unique design of MultiQuad, the lifespan can extend far beyond that of traditional displays. With modular aluminum frames as the base structure, users can reconfigure in different arrangements to create a completely new display configuration. Ordering new Quads as the finishing touch, can give the exterior of your MultiQuad exhibit an entirely new appearance. MultiQuad owners can utilize our extensive rental collection to add on additional frames, Quads or accessories at any time without incurring the new expense of a new purchase.

  • Flexible design options
  • Reconfigurable components
  • Portable and Modular
  • Wide array of accessories
  • Helps lower operating costs
  • Full inventory of rental components
  • Towers and walls up to 16’
MultiQuad exhibit



Modular seating available in single seats or benches are not only functional, they’re stylish.

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Lockable Storage

Create the perfect spot for storing supplies and personal belongings right within your MultiQuad exhibit.

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Available in two styles these portable podiums make the perfect talking station to interact with booth visitors.

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Backlit Graphics

Brighten up your MultiQuad with backlit graphics - perfect for spotlighting your important message.

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