QuadFactors are the features that combine to make MultiQuad a unique exhibit system. Which one is your favorite?

MultiQuad is brilliantly simple with 90% of MultiQuad designs made from ten basic components. Raise your message high above the trade show floor with MultiQuad towers up to 16 feet high.
MultiQuad is easy to assembly with foolproof color coded system and no tools assembly. MultiQuad rental program allows you to rent any component, any size, anytime. It is always in stock.
Beautiful wood grain finishes can beautify your MultiQuad. Establish a consistent image at all shows with MulitQuad.
MultiQuad is easy to Backlight. Add flare to your MultiQuad with a single backlit Quad or a large seamless panel. MultiQuad is surpisingly portable since no part is longer than 4 feet or wider than 2 feet.
MultiQuad can be any color to match your corporate colors EcoFriendly MultiQuad can be recycled for CASH
MultiQuad easily integrates monitors up to 60" wide for high tech displays.